Monokini - A tribute to 60's French Pop

Monochrome is launching a compilation of indie versions of sixties classics, including covers from gifted artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy and Jacques Dutronc. 

This international compilation from Montreal features frenchpop-inspired bands such as Los Angeles’s The Fur Ones and New York’s spectacular live act Les Sans Culottes, besides German, French, Brazilian and French Canadian indie bands.

Crated with love, this CD maintains a subtle balance between rock, electronic and garage sounds. The sound quality is generally surprising compared to indie standards. Frenchpop, kitsch and indie sounds blend into the Monochrome label mix.

Artists and songs on the compilation:
The Fur Ones (Los Angeles) Le temps de l'amour(Francoise Hardy) 
Les Sans Culottes (New York) Je suis content (Jacques Dutronc) 
Ginsonic (Montreal) Laisse tomber les filles (France Gall) 
Le Monochrome Orchestra (Montreal)  Harley Davidson (Brigitte Bardot) 
Ravel (France)  Paroles Paroles (Dalida) 
Terminus B (Quebec city, Canada)  La fille au rasoir (Serge Gainsbourg) 
Riviera (Germany)  Tout pour ma chérie (Polnareff) 
Le Monochrome Orchestra (Montreal)  Bébé Requin (France Gall) 
Belleatec (Brazil) Comment te dire adieu (Francoise Hardy) 
Les Meteores (Montreal)  Je cherche (Les Lutins, 60s montreal band) 
Le Monochrome Orchestra (Montreal)  Sur une nappe de restaurant (Jacques Dutronc)